Scott’s Journal: Enacting the “How”

We are so excited about 2016!  We are continuing to “Move Up! Move Out! and Move On!” with the things He desires for us, as individuals, then, as families, next, as our church body, and, ultimately, as the Body of Christ!

January we began learning about the “Why”, and the “What” of the personal goals God has for us in 2016.  Now, we are moving towards implementing the “How” to bring God’s plans into manifestation.

HOPEChurch’s first Discipleship Group for 2016 is Andrew Wommack’s Spirit, Soul, & Body.  We would love it if you came to visit one of these groups.  Do not be concerned about when we started, just jump on in and try it.  At HOPEChurch we never believe you are here by accident, whether it is a one-time visit, several visits, or you decide to make that solid connection.

In the Hope of His calling,  Scott